About Us

A Few Words About Us

page2_pic1We have a very talented and experienced team that specializes in several specific industries.

Cascade Networking was founded in 2005 in Bend, Oregon after extensive research led to selecting Central Oregon as a prime location for a data center. The company was formed with an immediate goal of providing the local region with technology expertise as a Microsoft Partner having experienced and certified engineers on staff. Over time Cascade Networking has continued to expand our managed technology services and hosting solutions for clients in both a certified and audited Tier 3 data center and our small private and discreet Tier 1 data center.

Our firm specializes in setting up and managing end-to-end solutions for transportation companies around the country, configuring both onsite infrastructure and fully managed hosted solutions as needed. We have worked to hire and retain experts on our staff that understand how to build out and manage all aspects of TMW Truckmate environments for our transportation clients.

Cascade Networking has secondary focus towards senior living and health care, providing diversity and additional solutions for companies in these sectors.

Central Oregon was selected as the location for the company due to the mild climate, reliable power, and the redundant peering opportunities with some of the largest internet providers in the country. It is also a great spot to live, work, and visit!